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Why our customers need AutoSales

Why do I need Autosales?

Imagine you buy car at auction. It costs you £7800 with an indemnity of £74.04. They also deliver it to your premises for a further £50.00. You replace the battery at a cost of £23.99 and have a dent repaired for £30.00. A customer views the car and you agree a sale at £8750. He gives you deposit of £100 to hold the car until next Thursday, when he returns to purchase it. He gives you 2 cars in part exchange, the first is sold on at cost to another dealer for £250.00 the second he insists is worth £3000 though you value it at £2750. You give him an over allowance of £250 to complete the deal. He buys a set of Mats from you for £19.99 that cost you £10.00 and a warranty for 12 months at cost for £63.00. He takes HP on the balance, which pays you a commission of £174.27.

Do you know how much profit you made?

Autosales Software has calculated it and your accounts are already done in Sage.

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