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Vehicle Intermediaries

As a Vehicle Intermediary you may be selling the vehicle or you may be introducing your customer to a third party who will sell the vehicle. In this case you will take an introduction fee or receive commission on the finance.

On a deal, you may have to pay out in any number of ways: bodywork, parts, valeting, delivery, auction fees, and introductions. You will also be receiving monies as deposits, commissions, finance, finance commissions and part exchanges.

By using Autosales linked to Sage Accounts we can keep track of the entire deal from vehicle ordering and procurement through to invoicing and the receipt of payments for finance or commissions.

Key Features

  • Commission only deals handled
  • “Sale or Return” vehicles handled
  • Purchase Prices adjusted after the sale of a vehicle
  • Vehicle Purchase Orders Printed
  • Purchase Invoices posted to Sage
  • Easy data entry with VRM lookup
  • Stock lists and advertising copy
  • Leasing deals uploaded to the web
  • Preparation costs and other expenses(internal and external) recorded and posted to Sage
  • Commission invoices, Options, Road Tax and Warranties handled and posted to Sage
  • Payments, deposits, part exchanges, auction costs, finance, finance commission, and other receipts (unlimited number of PX’s) all posted to Sage
  • Margin, Qualifying Vat calculated and posted to Sage
  • Unlimited vehicle photographs
  • A high quality purchase & sales invoice printed
  • Customised Invoices, wordings & logos
  • Invoicing & purchases process is easily amended in the event of changes or errors in both AutoSales and Sage. Even complex deals can be reversed at the click of a button.
  • Complete profit and loss analysis on every car sold
  • Multiple deals can be grouped together for reporting purposes
  • Single or multiple user systems
  • Multiple Companies

Learn more...

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