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Specialist Business

Our software is written with the knowledge that, as well as the main stream of new and used car sales businesses, there are also a large number of businesses dealing in differing specialities. Our software is written with great flexibilities so that we can also support these businesses.

It is particularly favoured by some of the largest static caravan parks in the UK to deal with their Caravan Sales.

  1. Every field in the purchasing module can be re-named and every drop down box can have its contents edited by the user to suit their business.
  2. You can choose for any given type of vehicle, whether you want to deal with their prices including or excluding VAT.
  3. All output from the system reports, listing, and invoice can be customised as required.
  4. All the accounting is driven by rules that you can create and edit.
  5. You can select which nominal accounts are used in Sage.
  6. For different types of vehicles you can select different stock number sequences.
  7. The system can automatically generate a description of the vehicle data input by combining up to 25 different fields.
  8. A house charge for preparing the vehicle for sale can be added automatically to a vehicle.

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If you'd like to learn more about our car dealer software please contact us via our contact form or call us on 0845 6890248 or 01248 208500. We are happy to provide demonstrations of our software or even let you talk to our users directly to get their experiences.