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Service Module

Features / Overview

  • Clear diary of service work booked into your garage
  • Flexible system allows multiple customers per job, recommendations
  • Customisable Job cards & reports
  • Integration with the Parts Module

The Service System is based on a service diary giving you a clear view of the day’s work booked in and the loading on the garage for every day in the next month. It can be viewed by Mechanic, Ramp or Bay, Courtsey car commitments.

Double Clicking on any spare time will enable you to create a new job starting with a VRM lookup of the vehicle. Integration with the Parts Module allows Stock Parts, Non stock Parts (i.e. parts ordered for this job especially) to be added. Finally labour items can be added to the service job to build up the complete job.

The system accepts multiple customers on the service job including internal work. So a vehicle can come in, after sale, for a good will repair, the owner can pay for a service at the same time and his grandmother can pay for a new radio all simultaneously.

Job Cards and Reports are produced and are customised to your requirements.

You can record your customer contacts and instructions.

You can add to the job both your recommendation (To be printed on the invoice) and diary the vehicle for recall.

You can allocate courtesy cars to the job.

All invoices are posted directly to Sage™ and the value of all stock is maintained for your accounts.

Invoice adjustments can be made by crediting any or all lines on an invoice as easily as issuing the original bill.

Preparation work on cars in stock can be diarised in exactly the same way as external jobs with the work billed internally on your internal labour rate.

Vehicle History is marinated