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Sales Invoicing

Features / Overview

  • Simple, yet feature rich system for issuing invoices
  • Bonus/Commission invoices
  • Finance calculator & finance company invoices
  • Vehicle intermediary invoices (Commission only deals)
  • Support for multi-vehicle deals

The invoicing module deals with sales of the vehicles. The process of invoicing is simple. First enter the customer’s name and address. The module affords you the option of recording the driver details if they differ from the customer's.

Next enter a selling price. The system calculates and displays the VAT according to the type of vehicle (margin, qualifying or new vehicle). Vehicles with VAT on their selling price can be sold either inclusive or exclusive of VAT. This is your choice. Any options are then added to the vehicle, possibly a delivery or a set of mats. In the case of a new vehicle this might be a manufacturer’s optional extra. There is a set-up for options that allows Sage linked customers to select the nominal you wish it to post to. Next add any warrantees in a similar way.

Payments received, including any “Part Exchanges”, can then be recorded and, if the system is Sage linked, posted to Sage. The system accepts deposits, receipts, part exchanges and self funded deposits for leasing deals. Additionally you will need to record any auction costs and reclaim the VAT from there.

The salesman and sales source can be recorded and reported on. The vehicle can now either be placed “On Order” and an order form produced or “Invoiced” and the invoice produced. Once invoiced you can “Post” the invoice to your accounts or to Sage. Once invoiced or posted the financial aspect of the deal is locked and cannot be edited so that it matches your accounts, be they in Sage or else where.

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