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Sage Linking

AutoSales linked to Sage is the perfect system for vehicle sales and accounting. Every detail of the vehicles purchase, its preparation, the invoice and payments are recorded and every financial transaction is seamlessly posted into Sage. High quality invoices are produced for both customers and finance houses. Receipts, deposits, part exchanges, finance and auction costs are handled. Your Vat return is produced from Sage at the click of a button.

  • No Dual entry
  • Entering financial information into Autosales also updates Sage directly
  • We support multiple companies in Sage
  • We support both Sage Line 50™ and Sage Instant Accounts™
  • Which Version of Sage?
  • Line 50 is supported from version 13 to the current version

Sage Linked Systems by AutoSales Systems

Which Version of Sage?

Line 50 is supported from version 13 to the current version

As most of the functionality you will require is in Autosales we suggest you start with Sage Instant Accounts. Should you require more functionality from Sage you can upgrade to Line 50 if needed by paying the difference in price to Sage, most dealer have not needed to do this.

Vehicle Stock and Vehicle Preparation Stock Nominal

We maintain by way of journals nominals for the value of your stock and the value of Preparation on vehicle not sold.

Two way transfer

Our link to Sage enables data to be moved both into Sage and to be extracted from Sage. Examples of data extracted from Sage are the import of both Suppliers and Customer from Sage into Autosales, you can also view all transactions in the Sage Audit trail for a particular vehicle in one screen.

Why Sage?

Sage is the most popular accounting system in the UK. There are reckoned to be 300,000 businesses that use it. This has a number of benefits:

  1. The program is well known
  2. It is easy to find staff that understand it.
  3. It is the preference of most accountants
  4. There are plenty of versions to choose from.
  5. It provides a great depth of functionality.
  6. The most popular version we link to costs only £135.00

Learn more...

If you'd like to learn more about our car dealer software please contact us via our contact form or call us on 0845 6890248 or 01248 208500. We are happy to provide demonstrations of our software or even let you talk to our users directly to get their experiences.