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Purchasing Module

Features / Overview

  • Quick & easy process to bring vehicles into the system
  • Post new stock vehicles to accounts
  • Generate purchase invoices
  • Support for part exchanges

The purpose of the Module is to bring vehicles into stock.

As well as vehicles that are being purchased for sale, the purchasing module also deals with other vehicles that need to be held in the business stock book. Example of this would be vehicles that you are selling on behalf of a third party, a “Sale or Return” vehicle, company cars or vehicles that you hire out.

Stock Vehicles

This is a quick and easy process.

Enter the registration number of the vehicle into the purchasing screen and click the D-button. The system uses the Internet to retrieve the vehicle details, which are then displayed. Click the “Apply Vehicle Details” button, enter details of the purchase, purchase date, supplier and price and the vehicle is ready to be brought into stock. There are a further 56 fields of data that can be entered but are not always required. These range from important but non-essential items such as mileage, to a large number of user defined fields that can be used for recording any extra information you require. These are very popular with specialist business.

When you save the record, the system will offer to post (send) the purchase invoice to your accounts. This happens whether or not you are running Sage accounting. If the invoice details are correct, it can be Posted immediately or it can be done at a later date, for instance if you don’t have the invoice yet.

Errors: If mistakes are made, all entries are revisable at the click of one button, including the posting of the purchase invoice to your accounts.

Anything that can be done on the system by clicking a button can be un-done by clicking another!

Purchase Invoices

The system prints purchase invoices as required which can be customised with your logo.


The purchasing module also allows the generation and control of purchase orders for vehicles from suppliers.

Part Exchanges

The same module is used to bring in Part Exchanges against sales when they are received. These are marked as Part Exchanges and can be linked back to the original sales invoice where they originated at the click of one button.

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