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Custom Modules

Features / Overview

  • Flexibility system allows Dealers to work in the way they want
  • Support for customisations to cater to Dealer's unique needs

Flexibility and customisations

Our job at Autosales Systems Ltd is to support the motor trade with Dealer Management software. Most of the time the functionality needed is the same from Dealer to Dealer but sometimes dealers want or need to work in different ways. We cater for these in a number of different ways. These are:

  1. We supply custom reports to customer requirement as part of our support; Autosales has a very powerful reporting engine behind it. You are not limited to only standard reports from your system.
  2. Special functionality - sometimes this is needed, for example a customer needed his service club membership supporting on the customer record
  3. System Settings - there are over 100 settings within the system that can be modified by the user (though normally with our help or guidance) to change the way things work for you a few examples:
    • House Prep On or Off (switches on a House Preparation Change)
    • Requires a Location On Purchase (Requires the User to say where the car is stored/parked)
    • Requires an Order Date (Requires the Date the Car is ordered by the Customer)
    • Balance Invoice (Receipts for the vehicle must match the Gross invoice price before it can be invoiced)
    • Key Numbers (automatically issue a key number for the Vehicle)
    • Require E-Mail (Requires the customer Email address before the invoice is issued or the word “None”)
    • Requires a Sales Source (Requires a Sales Source to be entered)
  4. Customisable field names and dropdown contents. Many of the description fields can have their labelling changed from within the system setup and the contacts of dropdown lists can also be changed
  5. Much of the logic of the system is rule based so for example there is a rule for selling a margin car if you need to export a margin car with no vat then you can just create a rule for that purpose

Learn more...

If you'd like to learn more about our car dealer software please contact us via our contact form or call us on 0845 6890248 or 01248 208500. We are happy to provide demonstrations of our software or even let you talk to our users directly to get their experiences.