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Backup Module

Often where AutoSales is installed onto a large network there is an existing back system in place for the whole network and we can tell you what needs to be backed up.

On other systems we recommend you back up on to a series of 3 “Pen” or “Flash” drives, each at least 1 GB, that plug into the USB port of the computer. Clicking the backup button will display a list of all the drives on the computer, once you select the drive to copy the data to the information will be copied.

Each flash drive is capable of storing many copies of your data, adding a new backup will not overwrite the last one. The flash drive should be taken home and rotated with the other 2 devices.

If you run Sage this should be backed up at the same time onto the same flash drive.

Sky Drive or Web Backup Service such as SugarSync can also play a very useful role in making your data more secure by putting it onto the Internet.